(for all those silent deaths in our sea)

Soft notes rise from this sea
now calm, of his alienated fury
the screams of the wind accompany other voices
in desperate cries the salt-smelling air melts
of salt, blood, eyes going off plane
the last look at the sky
disappears before the eyes that close
last breath held until the end
and the despair of the last breath coming out
bubbles flying upwards, will carry with them
dreams, hopes, fear, memory, silence …


Many suns and clouds
They pass leaving marks

Where you can recognize
Who you are and who you have been

There is no tear
That it has not dried

There is no smile
That it has not died down

But this is me
Every second lived

Inside me
every passion is born and dies

But they remain
The notes in the wind …

The reason is always relative

It reminds us that we do not accept

Non-essential spontaneous salt

Needless search for meaning

Wall of support for our insecurities

Useless barrier to our fears

Fog on hearing the abandonment

We know but we reject

It remains in the air

Libra plan between certainty and deception

It caresses us lightly so as not to make us feel

And then … then it fades away

Together with the void

In good order

As a script

By his own written fist

He does not ask for remembrance

Because of it he would suffer blackmail

Evanescent, unreal … useful

Like false …

We shine burning in our race,

the moment extends to infinity

finds its meaning in the lived moment

Strong emotions sometimes unnecessarily removed,

we will return to be heard on long nights

when the heat comes we will wake up all of the sudden

The skin will remember the light touch,

and the shiver will run along the body

to seek refreshment in the dream

With half-closed eyes, visions and emotions

recreate situations and moments

cruel absence when the choice is made.

The void remains an impossible companion,

when your feeling becomes fever

useless thoughts related to human weakness …


Lose yourself in a dream not yours
it’s like flying in slow circles
over a helpless body

I sigh like light fog
rises slightly, changing
of it no regret

Remains of time
worn and lost
thrown behind

I get lost in the dark
finding an image of me
vivid, real, true

Falling, still
useless race
towards where and when …

I remain now and observe
what exists remains
love is like being born and dying …


Whispered phrases carried by the breeze
and light touching hands
Mild touch on soft skin
evocation of the dream
The mind becomes blurred
the senses remain
And in them perceiving is sweet
where it rests remains
The slight permeation of the smell
in silent perfume as a memory
Like embers still alive
the breath feeds making us pure
They remain in the eyes
short and intense details
We will cradle our sleep
when the real will merge with the dream …


I reflect,
recognized wrinkle,
profound and lived
beloved and never repudiated,
deep groove there
where the memory remains,
pain or happiness
makes no distinction,
wedges itself in the skin
remaining indelible
of what it was,
memory of me …


Atavistic emotions, appear and remain
permanent presence of our life.
Feel and never confess
they find spaces deep inside.
Hidden among the deep wrinkles
of an aged heart.
Harden, albeit fragile
from too many races in a vacuum.
They will remain to keep the dream company
they will come back to life in the end
making a tear fall
where the smile should be ..

. A.P.

The hand rests on the flat heart
useless explorer of known paths

The short beat out of time
he plays his music for some time yet.

Sometimes you have accelerated the pace
rushing behind an instrument

Chasing dissonant notes
basting slow lenses with cheerful whirls

Poor tired heart
still two-handed arpeggios

In unique melody dreams place
where the singing becomes a choir blurring the real.

And now hearing again
I remember the score and I accompany the rhythm

For a little while, for a little …
Here it is … the sound of the echo that accompanies me.

And the end is sweet
where the beginning seems to be reunited forever.


Eyes filled
flicker of color
silver brilliance

In gold transfigured images
filling up empty
assimilating, reconstructing, interpreting

Tricky never real
but of quiet surround
the anxiety of rushing

Contraction of the image
corrupt, never sincere
complies with desire

You cover yourself with rich clothes
concealing human decline
antithesis of imagined reality.


In moments I lose myself
remembered lived moments
never disregarded
the passage remains the constant
images running from the window
colored stripes merge
in deep memory
nuanced images come to life
they take me to known places
recognized, relived
flavors, color smells, of life lived
eyes, smiles and lips that open
pain and rebirth
together to give you the image
it is and remains constant
in your slow flow towards the mouth
the sea awaits calm
where rest will give the hoped-for peace.


Fresh dream of a day, a night, a morning …
in light, with light, dreams fade
remains the regret of time, compressed, fast …
Kronos fierce titan stops your quick scan,
retrace your steps, let it all begin again
i because they do not exist where the answer is obvious.
Look for me inside your dreams understanding has no reason
it lives itself, enclosed in a single desire
to be read in its squalid reality …


We are fallen angels, where there is no remorse
the regret of light does not confuse us
the darkness envelops the thought making it scream,
recomposing its dense meaning.
The immediate renounces the struggle not to identify itself
the present-past remains,
the moment lengthens in its moment of glory
and now it disappears in funny ideals of masculinity.
Abstract archeology of one’s feeling,
in whirlpools of memories you remain anchored,
I do not exist except through what I am, I am
lay flat now brushing my fingers … you will hear me


Ephemeral traces of me
left in the mouths of many

No one knows
not seeing resolves doubt

Imagine it as raw reality
not wanting to find them on the road

Small white stones
round like the sphere that surrounds me

I as big as useless
in protection I find fears

I accept you as a guest
where the void fills huge spaces

Time is just a variable
and will tell of me as of others

Of errors and choices
carrying the weight without fault


Mild steps for a while
that continues to run
Identities survived
and fair desires
never satisfied

one again
after the next
and one more

You go away
as always
leaving torpor unchanged

remains essential
only in our memory

Start counting
antithesis of waiting
but only now I understand

I remain and savor
moment today
moment tomorrow

Swallowing minutes
or hours
or days

See you soon, late, never
dream / nightmare
how long?



Tears in the darkness of my room
where not even sunlight
manages to enter to make them shine

where emptiness envelops me as a shroud
gray like the thought I accept …

And so why?!

Because of tears I dress
knowing that I find no relief in them

He betrays even before he promises
Abandoned even before living
Corrupted by that cradling of anxieties and pains
Redeemed by my deep feeling …

And now I’m looking for peace
where the river of pain flows
here are just a few words and it’s like a cry,
the last one, mine, but I still don’t hear
and I won’t feel that of someone who wasn’t there.

A. Pieroni

You lie down on your bed,
you don’t ask and you never will
never a hand rises to search
reasons or feelings that have nothing
of today of your tomorrow.
familiar odors meeting
both a life and my death.
And it is along the way that I see again
real life companions
moment by moment.


Golden reflections in a known mirror
the eyes of the night
blind to the evidence
and everything disappears
a few more steps and it happens
the game transcends reality.

And it is impossible to see
in addition to your eyes that vague
in the darkness of my soul.
Looking for meaning where
I’ve already dug the grave of my memories.
Look for me near you forever or just for a moment.
Find me when still blind wander
in your rooms painted with silence and pain.
The joy could be close enough to reach out.


Strong and mild odors,
that leave trails of light
confuse lived with desire

recognizable reflexes
in eyes and lips made clear
sweet and loving lights stop images

order of thoughts
they do not know and they are pardoned
the moment remains sweet, bitter … canceled

lived sin
deleted from memory
will return in the transience of your path

to remedy that emptiness
there where the worm is threatened
of images it feeds, because they remain

and small tears
come down to stop that thought
which now remains linked to human weakness

A. Pieroni

I would sometimes like to remember moments of darkness where the conscience
finds its purity within ignorance

I would sometimes like to hide the sadness where the truth is
through my being without leaving traces

I would sometimes like to make my moments at the time in the place where
my silence goes with it

God of our fathers, promoter of implicit securities in your existence
what do you want from your children.

Those who suffer
Those who humble themselves
Those who stand as judges
Those who let themselves be seduced
Those who no longer have a soul
Color they want to understand

Give us peace now and let your unconscious existence
leave us to give us the hated awareness
It in itself creates us defeated but true
in this life made of distorted notes

Where silence is made precious by the noise of scandal
Where the gift of sight is made difficult by the image

Where the weight of what I know can’t get me to sleep
Where the real mixed with the false again

Where no prophet can scream anymore
Where man is the reflected image of what he was …

I shed some tears, and maybe I will still pay
until the vase is full
I wish I hadn’t seen or heard
and with this regain my innocence … but it is late

Then I sleep, I sleep and dream and I imagine and I live there where nothing can touch me anymore …

A. Pieroni

I shuffled again
my flavors, my smells
snatching two solitudes
from the silence of life

I searched for her
its flavors, its smells
grasping its will
before repentance

I have lost of us
our dreams, desires
leaving its mark
on our uninjured skins

We will feed others
their moments, their escapes
in circles of sought life
fearful heroes of the lost moment …

A. Pieroni

And it is the silence that brings with it pain,
long moments that end the where
the roar of war begins.
In you do not see, deliberately blind wander
in the folds of your mind
looking for the meanings of
few moments lived
yet … the look is still shiny.

And it is the silence that brings with it
the false truth in the infinite eddies
of our life …
she who sees us victims of the assumed identity.
She whose appetite was never satisfied
from our fears or fears
and now in the usual hypothesis
finds us defeated by our being us ….

A. Pieroni

What long nights near our atavistic fires
safe from our ancestral fears.
Relive the hunt with its acrid smells
strong of their own crudeness,
feel the foot nud “treading grass
never resentful … or lived.
A few moments of silence bring us back
familiar sounds of small crawling lines
where your gaze cannot be laid.
And here comes the glow in the night
the promise of peace you were hoping for
identity hidden in the folds
of a dress that does not hide fear and pain …


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