Always dedicated to artistic expressions, he lives in Livorno until 1989, where he dedicates himself both to music and to the theater, in 1983 he set up the first musical group from Livorno that will then give life to a series of show events where they try to give space to emerging musicians. He collaborates with various forms of art including videos, installations and exhibitions. Arriving in Florence he immediately came into contact with various artists with whom he collaborated to develop photography and painting exhibitions that promoted and designed in public spaces such as Caffè sant’Ambrogio and Zona 15.
He collaborates with some architects in the production of various projects including the museum of Sardinian music and sounds “Sinnos” located in Oristano in Sardinia.
His video production leads him to be awarded several times and to join the Florence award jury in 2001.
He continues to produce both literary, video and photographic material, up to the completion of one of his last works “Elemento Donna”, a visitation of the female body in the four elements. The exhibition was exhibited at the Art Shopping Show at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris in October 2009.
In May 2010 she was hosted in Hangzhou at the Redstar Theater Cultural Center in China, moving from 26th to 31st May 2010 at the Peace Esposition Center in Hangzhou for the 13th International Exhibition of Contemporary Art.
November 2010 presents the new video “Universo Donna”, a journey into women’s communication during a love affair, at the Leopolda station in Florence within the Exhibition of Art and Restoration.

At present it is developing and designing three videos and a photo exhibition.

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