Prize Florence 1999 section unpublished poetry – Honorable mention for the poem “Echo of twenty distant”
Florence 2000 Prize Video and Multimedia Section – Silver Florin for the production of the “Entropia” video
Florence Award 2001 video and mulltimedia section – honorable mention for the video “Faith”
Nosside Award for video poetry 1999 – First prize In collaboration with Pinuccia Amodei.


Exhibition “Elemento Donna” FLORENCE 2008 – Villa Cavour
“Elemento Donna” exhibition October 2009 Paris – Art Shopping Show at the Carrousel du Louvre
“Elemento Donna” exhibition May 2010 China Hangzhou – Redstar Theater Cultural Center
Exhibition “Element Woman” May 26 to 31, 2010 China Hangzhou – Peace Esposition Center
“Elemento Donna” exhibition May 26th to 31st 2010 China Hangzhou – at the 13th International Exhibition of Contemporary Art Peace Esposition Center
“Universo Donna” installation, November 2010 Florence – at the Art and Restoration Fair at the Stazione Leopolda
Performance of dance theater “The meal” 7 June 2013 – within the exhibition INAEQUALIA Church of the Barnabites
Exhibition “Tribal Memory” 2013 Florence – Horticultural Garden


Earth, Air, Water, Fire … and Woman.
The images that Angelo Pieroni presents in this series of photographs have the presence of the woman as a common thread.
The elements are a “visual decline” the BODY-WOMAN. The choice of the Nude indicates an Ideal-Form which, once established, we see coming into contact with the Elements.
Sometimes in mimetic sympathy with the stone, the body rolls up and lies at the bottom of the sand.
The female figure interprets the spaces; communicates in the gesture; dialogue takes place.
Germinal earthly encounter, undulating and fluid in the middle of the water, oxidizing in the combustion, suspended to say spherical in the air.
This contaminating dialogue alludes to functions embodied in the restful gestation of the Earth, in the nautical flow in the Water, in the passion-dance in the Flame, in the absolute heaven of Air.
A woman who is not a mermaid, nor a mother, nor a witch, nor a heavenly virgin.
THE WOMAN Angelo Pieroni presents to us has always been born or about to be born.
It has no past, but performs in the act of appearing itself, a complex and acquired action.
Is it also a primary element, an irreducible form?
Or background, backdrop in which complex transparencies are adapted?
Landscape where the Elements experience a fleeting, changing life?
Between the subject woman and the object-element we look for an interpenetration marked by a continuo
The images that Pieroni has elaborated have a light and a color that recall the objectifying gaze of the naturalist’s observation.
The colors spread over the images as a “reaction”.
Substance-color that makes visible a mutation “in fieri”, still not seen in the light.
This unborn woman does not participate in the gravity of the world, has no weight.
He sleeps, swims, dances, but does not look.
We see it in a dimension that we can access by using a viewfinder or a telescope. A system of lenses that makes visible what the naked eye could not grasp.
The place where this Woman is germinating is a Pre-world that elaborates her Genesis.
In this alchemy of the Ultimate Elements between Flight, Quiet, Ardor, Swimming, the anatomical profile vanishes to indicate a way to overcome the stereotype.

Prof. Miguel Fabruccini
Trompe l’oeil teacher and painter

From ancient eras we have received testimonies of archaic female divinities whose symbolism alluded to the great mother earth, bearer of life and ruler of nature with mysterious rituals alluding to the fertility that always surround her. From the syncretism of archaic sculptures the Great Mother is depicted with her sexual attributes essential for the reproduction of life without characterizing its face to stigmatize its essential function.
The provocative female nudity is used by Angelo Pieroni to give life to his images elaborated with a particular technique, in which the woman presents herself as a whole with the nature that surrounds her in a symbiotic completeness, an element among the elements that she herself governs and leads to a concept of superior harmony that cancels the very laws of nature. The naked body of the model abandons herself to the embrace of the earth camouflaging her body with the amber color of the rocks; and how not to remember the gigantic primordial nymphs that emerge from the walls of the Great Grotto of Bernardo Buontalenti in the Boboli Gardens, covered with stalactites and immersed in an endless sleep? between the woman and the four primary elements: earth, fire, air, water, Angelo Pieroni inserts an infinite conversation in space and time in a gestural dialectic of great effect with the female nude that reverberates the flaming red of the fire, the ocher of earth, the endless variations of blue and light blue of the air and the aquamarine green

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